Fish Dosing. Expensive Bottle Buy.

The fish seem ok today, no adverse effect from the first Paraguard 2/3 dosage. (anti fungal and anti bacterial)

Have only seen 9 neons so far and apart from the initial infected fish (the one I havent seen yet) there is only one other with white on it so far.

I am a little concerned over the missing neon though the Rasboras and guppies seem fine so far.

I have ordered some new Seachem bottles today. Another conditioner (running low) as well as a larger Paraguard and a Stressguard. In all it came to around £40 which I resisted buying though the bottles do last a long while and the Paraguard is to hand to keep and I dont want to run out mid treatment. The Stressguard is a general anti-bacterial, good for healing torn fins and preventing infection (which I could of done with a few times now) and as I found it for £5 less, I dont feel to bad about it.

In all they seem to be swarming to feed as usual.

The remaining three guppies I am unsure if they are responsible for some fin nipping going on, though I will not be replacing them when they are gone.

I was staring into the tank yesterday and getting my excitement back looking at the tetras and their colours when I noticed the white fuzz. Brought me right back down again! Shame, though its nice to get them sorted.

I just feel a tad guilty on resisting buying these things as I said I wouldnt buy what isnt needed. Though I know these are so the fish dont suffer.. I still feel bad about using the money when I feel I shouldnt be buying anything right now.


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